providing numbering of all sports jerseys in addition to full customization.

Friends, team mates and guys at pickup started asking me about my jerseys.  Questions like, “Where’d you get that?” were at first sporadic.  As I created more and started talking about the process friends started asking, “Next time you make one can you do one for me?” or, “Could you number and letter this jersey I have?”  Then I outfitted my team and the beer league execs took notice.  They wanted to eliminate the common temporary solution of player identification/jersey numbering using tape.  As interest has expanded it became necessary to create this site to showcase what I can do, what is involved and create a communication hub for friends, teams, leagues and customers.

Thank you for coming by my site. I hope I can provide for you the customization you desire.


individual custom jerseys

I am a very small operation.  As such, I only keep on hand 10 inch numbers in white and black for quick turnaround on one-off jerseys.  Once I have all the pieces of your order I assemble your final product completely by hand.  There is no automation. 

customizable options

I use reputable vendors to purchase the components for your custom jersey. 

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